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Petrol station OMV - Hatě,
Czech Republic

Welcome to the XDATA, spol. s r.o. Company Web Pages

The XDATA spol. s r.o. company was founded in the year of 1991. The main business activity consists of the development of control and information systems for the public and private petrol stations.

As our principal product we offer the control and information system called POSWin, which is designed to control the single-product and multi-product gasoline pumps, to control all functions of the connected equipment technology (pole, level indicators), and to provide the sales of fuels, goods and services.

The following are the main advantages of POSWin: integrated solution for petrol station control, simple operation, affordable price, quality service support, and continuously advancing development of the system with regard to the customer requirements and legislative development.

» You Can Find More Information on the POSWin System at www.poswin.cz »

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